Only the finest quality, natural fabrics are used for Rosebasket baby clothes, including Swiss Nelona or Bearissima batiste, Swiss cotton sateen, Swiss baby flannel, dotted Swiss cotton, English cotton netting, cotton organza, pima cotton, cotton pinwale pique, Irish handkerchief linen, and silk.


Swiss embroideries, cotton tatting, and French cotton laces are primarily used, although Spanish lace and Cluny laces are used upon occasion for special effect.

Le Petite Enfant Bonnet Cluny Lace Detail

Cotton Cluny Lace

Blue Bird Sleeve Tatting Detail

Cotton Tatting

Portobello 1910 Swiss beading

Swiss Cotton Beading Lace

French Cotton Edging Lace at Hem

French Cotton Edging Lace at Hem


For hand embroideries, a variety of threads may be used, including fine DMC cotton or slightly heavier floche, wool, and silk. For machine embroideries, 80 weight tanne cotton, 60 weight Mettler cotton, DMC 50, or high sheen 40 weight natural rayon give a lovely appearance.

Rayon Threads

Embroidered Heart with Floss in Basket

Cotton Floss


Mother-of-Pearl Buttons


Silk Satin Ribbon Through Lace Beading

100% Silk Satin ribbon double face.

100% Polyester Satin Blanket Binding may be used for baby quilt binding.